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LOCAL CARRIERS: TIM COX 0427 133 137, WAYNE DUFFY 0428 016 307, GARRY GORDEN 0427 100 388


Lot 1     Caterpillar Loader 910g series 11 with forks, Yard bucket, Hay forks, 3.8m Jib Crane Telescopic, 8’ blade, air cab, near new tyres, Unknown hrs, product ID number cat0910ghb9x00553, serial number 6lk29413, Excellent condition

Lot 2      John Deere FWA 4255 tractor, quad box, Air cab, new tyres, 3PL, Approx 9230hrs

Lot 3      John Deere 4240 tractor, Cab, good condition for age, good tyres, approx. 5026hrs

Lot 4      Finch Mud Buggy 16t, PTO, Auger, roll over tarp, 30.5LR32 tyres, manufactured 04/99, good order

Lot 5      Ford 86 grain special tractor with daybreak loader, forks, bucket, hay spears, blade, bag lifter, roof. approx. 7000hrs model code FA274m, serial no V164815, very good condition

Lot 6      John Deere 4020 tractor power shift, approx. 7465hrs, roof, dual hyd, rear tyres as new, new starter motor, fuel pump reconditioned, 3PL, Immaculate for its age

Lot 7      Chamberlain Champion 1969 model 306, Tractor with roof, approx.10,000hr, good tyres, hyd, wheel weights, suit collector, good tractor

Lot 8      International AB160 series petrol truck with grain bin & hoist underbody, stock crate, gravel sides, bag loader, no rego

Lot 9      International Acco truck 1810a with grain bin, runs, no brakes, leaking hoist, petrol motor, no rego

Lot 10    John Deere 6600 Header with 22’ front on comb trailer, starter motor new, recent work undertaken, good tyres, always shedded

Lot 11    Toyota FJ45 Ute with trayback, 6cl petrol engine, bulbar, good farm Ute, suit collector. Unreg

Lot 12    Daihatsu Scat 4WD 2.8lt 4cyl diesel, 5 speed manual, tray back with drop sides approx. 0.9m

x 1.5m, bullbar, towball, approx. 185854km good farm Ute goes well, unreg,

Lot 13    Westfield J208-51 Auger, 51’ x 8” 20hp Kohler motor

Lot 14    Mitze auger, 30’ x 9”, Kohler 16hp motor

Lot 15    Vennings auger, 20’ x 5”, B&S 5hp motor

Lot 16    Gold Acres Boomspray, 18m boom, 3000lt main tank, good order

Lot 17    Gyral fold up cultivator 23’ fitted for Air Seeder, Simplicity heads good condition, harrows,

Lot 18   AFM Scari chisel, 17 Tynes & 10” spacing, set up for air seeding, harrows

Lot 19    International Scarifier, 31 Tynes, harrows, model 211, new tyres, new points

Lot 20    Seabrook Seeder, approx. 4m, good order

Lot 21    Page Rotary Slasher,12’ hyd, PTO

Lot 22    3PL REAR BLADE

Lot 23    Simplicity Twin Bin Air Seeder cart, 750kg compartments each, petrol blower

Lot 24    Rondini fertilizer spreader, mod TL1558. Approx. 1t capacity, 3PL

Lot 25   Fire fighter trailer with truck wheels, 1300lt water tank, Honda GX200 twin impeller fire fighter pump & hose reel

Lot 26   Suzuki TF125 motorbike, approx. 652km, excellent condition as new

Lot 27    Yamaha Kodiak Ultramatic 4×4 ATV, approx. 336km, Approx 2003 model

Lot 28    Sherwell field bin 29t, unload auger, model 1411, MPH 1383

Lot 29   Sherwell field bin 29t, unload auger, model 1411, MPH 2378

Lot 30    Jetstream field bin, 23t, aerator, model 784

Lot 31   1000kg Jacki Bin

Lot 32   Cox Steel 1 tonne Seed Bin

Lot 33   Cox steel 1 tonne Seed Bin

Lot 34   Steel Seed Bin

Lot 35   Aerway aerator, new hard face tungsten tynes, can be linkage or trailing

Lot 36   Janke Planter, 3PL or trailing

Lot 37   Green Heavy Bar 3PL

Lot 38   Challenge Single Tyne Ripper with poly layer, 3PL, good cond

Lot 39   Napier Post Hole Borer

Lot 40   International offset heavy duty 26 Disc Plough

Lot 41   Older Offset Disc Plough

Lot 42    22 Tyre Field Roller

Lot 43    Fuel trailer with single axle, approx. 950lt stainless steel tank with electric pump

Lot 44   Blue Tank on Trailer

Lot 45   Farm Trailer

Lot 46   Vennings, approx. 130 bag seed bin, aerator

Lot 47   Bedford truck with flat bed, approx. 1951 model, petrol motor, No rego. Suit Collector

Lot 48   Yamaha DT175, 5/1985, 29,007kms, suit collector

Lot 49    Stainless Steel tank filling pipe

Lot 50    Camel 3502 gallon water tank, cream,

Lot 51    Cream poly water tank, approx. 1600mm high

Lot 52    Fibreglass Water Tank

Lot 53   Poly White Water Tank

Lot 54   Polyworld black poly 7500lt water tank

Lot 55   Green Tall Poly water tank

Lot 56   Blue 200lt poly tank

Lot 57   Polyworld Black poly 500lt water tank

Lot 58   Polyworld Black poly 1000lt water tank

Lot 59   Polyworld Black poly 3000lt water tank

Lot 60   Blue 200lt poly tank

Lot 61    Blue 300lt poly tank

Lot 62    Green Rotacast plastic tank suit forklift, 650lts

Lot 63    Qty Black Cattle panels, 5 x approx. 1200mm x 1600mm, 1 x 1200mm x 1850mm, 1 x 1200mm x 2200mm, 1 x 1600mm x 2800mm

Lot 64    Approx. 16 x Galvanized pipe, O.D approx. 40mm

Lot 65    Approx. 10 x Galvanized pipe, O.D approx. 60mm, 1 x larger piece of black pipe

Lot 66    Qty Oval Cattle Rail approx. 10 lengths

Lot 67    3PL FORKS

Lot 68    Yellow Marino Master Mister

Lot 69    Marino Master Mister, B&S motor

Lot 70    Southern Cross Pump Jack & Sundries

Lot 71    2 x Heavy Duty Steel Car Ramps, 1 smaller steel ramp

Lot 72    Cream Poly Feed Trough

Lot 73    Square steel shower tray

Lot 74    Round Cattle Feeder, comes in two pieces for transport

Lot 75    Oval Steel Cattle Hay Feeder

Lot 76    Oval Steel Cattle Hay Feeder

Lot 77    Heavy Duty Steel Racks

Lot 78    3 x Heavy Duty Steel frames, suit racking or modify for other uses

Lot 79    3 complete yard gates, 1 gate, 2 panels

Lot 80    2 x Galvanized gates + assorted Galvanized parts

Lot 81    4 x Galvanized panels, approx. 1800mm x 1650mm

Lot 82    10 x Galvanized panels, approx. 1800mm x 2100mm

Lot 83    RPM Calf Cradle

Lot 84    Steel Hay Feeder

Lot 85    Yellow Poly Tank on Stand, approx. 200lt

Lot 86    Small Green Trough on stand

Lot 87    2 x Water Troughs, Blue trough needs repair

Lot 88    2 x Green round water troughs

Lot 89    2 x Poly Horse feeders

Lot 90    2 x Green Oval Poly Troughs

Lot 91    2 x Green Oval Poly Troughs

Lot 92    Rapid Lick Feeder, Black poly

Lot 93    Black Poly Lick Feeder

Lot 94    Nu-Tank wheel lick feeder, white

Lot 95    Wheel lick feeder, green & has crack on top.

Lot 96    Feed Trough approx. 8m in length

Lot 97    Steel Grain Trough

Lot 98    Part Roll Poly Pipe, approx. 1 ¼ inch

Lot 99    Steel frame and Qty threaded rod

Lot 100 2 x Wire Winder, Qty barb wire

Lot 101  Qty Electric Fence Cable, Insulators + sundries

Lot 102 Steel Trough with rubber inlay

Lot 103  New Southern Cross Windmill – not assembled

Lot 104 Qty Rolls Barb Wire

Lot 105 Qty Rolls Barb Wire and Plain Wire

Lot 106  Qty Plain Wire & Qty of barb wire

Lot 107  Wire Winder & Plain Wire

Lot 108  Qty Electric fence posts

Lot 109  Roll of Mesh, approx. 150mm x 75mm

Lot 110 Qty Grain Sieves, Sheet of Perforated Steel

Lot 111 Qty Sorghum trays

Lot 112  Auger Tubing pieces

Lot 113 Part roll Chain Wire approx. 900mm high, Part roll Netting approx. 1m high

Lot 114 Roll of black poly pipe

Lot 115 Points, 2 x Tyne Assemblies, 2 x Steel frames

Lot 116  Large Qty Points various sizes, some new, for Scari Chisel

Lot 117  Large Qty Points various sizes, some new, for Scari Chisel

Lot 118  Large Qty Points – for Gyral

Lot 119  Large Qty Points

Lot 120  Large Qty Points

Lot 121  Qty timber wire gate assemblies & corner stay set

Lot 122  Qty steel posts

Lot 123  Qty Pipes and Hoses

Lot 124  Steel Tray and Canopy

Lot 125  Qty Roofing Iron, 6 Sheets of Mesh approx. 5m long

Lot 126 Green Steel Frame

Lot 127 Qty PVC Pipe & Frame

Lot 128 Qty Roofing Iron & Z purlins

Lot 129  Clip lock style roof sheeting’s

Lot 130 Steel Frame

Lot 131 Steel Canopy

Lot 132  Zinc Sheet Metal Rolls x 3, approx. 1mm thick, approx. each 35m long

Lot 133  2wheel axle with steel frame

Lot 134  Steel Seed Silo

Lot 135 Stock Crate 4.1m x 2.4m

Lot 136 2 Tandem Axle Assemble, 4 rims & 2 tyres

Lot 137 Large Overhead Fuel Tank approx. 1000gal

Lot 138 Overhead Fuel Tank

Lot 139 Overhead Fuel Tank

Lot 140 Chook/Dog Pen

Lot 141 Head Bale

Lot 142 Cattle Spear trap

Lot 143  Points

Lot 144  Qty Points, some new, for Scari Chisel

Lot 145 Air Seeder Boots

Lot 146  Points suit Massey Fergason 500

Lot 147  6 x Discs & 6 Mud Scrapers

Lot 148 Old Discs

Lot 149 Gyral Tyne Assemblies

Lot 150 Sundry Pieces of RHS

Lot 151 Steel Offsets

Lot 152  Pieces of Steel & Steel Tubing

Lot 153  Qty Points & Seeder Boots

Lot 154 Steel Shelving

Lot 155 Sundry Mesh

Lot 156  Qty Railway Iron

Lot 157 12 x Concrete Blocks

Lot 158 Pump on Trailer with Lister Petter Engine

Lot 159 Steel I Beam 2.9m long & beam travelling trolley

Lot 160 Qty Steel Wheels

Lot 161 Old Cart Parts

Lot 162 Antique Mulboard Plough

Lot 163  Old Winch

Lot 164 Horse Drawn Plough

Lot 165 Claw Foot Bath (missing one leg)

Lot 166  Qty Timber

Lot 167  Qty Timber

Lot 168 Qty Hardwood Timber

Lot 169 Qty Round Posts, approx. 15 and approx. 2.4m long

Lot 170 Qty Split Posts, varying condition

Lot 171 Qty Split Posts

Lot 172 Qty Split Posts

Lot 173 Qty Timber Poles

Lot 174 Qty Steel

Lot 175  Qty Large Round Timber Posts

Lot 176 2 x Hardwood pieces approx. 6.5m long each & approx. 75mm x 190mm

Lot 177 Qty Split Posts & Qty large Round Posts

Lot 178 Qty of Timber located under old low shed (shed not included)

Lot 179  Qty of Hardwood Timber

Lot 180 Redback Harrows

Lot 181  Qty Round Timber Posts

Lot 182  Qty Split timber Posts

Lot 183  Windmill

Lot 184  Qty Scrap Pipe Steel

Lot 185  Windmill tower

Lot 186  Stock Crate approx. 4.2m x 2.4m

Lot 187  Stock Crate approx. 5.2m x 2.4m

Lot 188  A Bottom Grain Bin, suit truck

Lot 189  Qty Timber and Steel Canopy

Lot 190  Large stack of Timber – suit fire wood

Lot 191  Qty Shovels & Garden Tools including 4 Crow bars

Lot 192  Qty Garden Tools and Crow bars

Lot 193  Cream Poly Feed Bin with lid, Bags of Beef Weaner pallets and other feed

Lot 194  RHS Fertilizer Spraying system

Lot 195 Zag Seed Coater + sundry Pumps

Lot 196 2 x New Tractor Tubes, 20.8.38, in packet

Lot 197  Auger Shute Extenders + 2 Rubber Stoppers

Lot 198  Sundry Spray Tanks + Backpack unit

Lot 199  2 x Blue Tarps, approx. 40’ long by 3’ wide

Lot 200  Scare Gun

Lot 201  Qty U Clamps

Lot 202  Marconi Moister Metre with Grinder & Grain Spear,

Lot 203  Fire Starter

Lot 204  Levitator Safety Harness

Lot 205  2 x Steel Stands, Rope, Qty Pins, Hooks, D-Bolts

Lot 206  Top Country Cattle Feed x 1 tonne Bag & 2 x near full 44gallon drums of Top Country Cattle Feed

Lot 207  Napier 3PL 4 Tyne Ripper & homemade Cutter bar

Lot 208 Qty Old Collectable Items

Lot 209  Qty Old Collectable Tools & Sundries

Lot 210  large Qty of Bird Seed in 3 x 44gallon Drums

Lot 211 15w-40 Engine Oil, Fuch’s, 205L

Lot 212  Agrifarm UTTO MP, Super High Performance Multifunctional Oil (UTTO/MFO) – API GL-4, 205L

Lot 213  Qty Bolts & Nuts, Sundry Lights

Lot 214  Sundry Led Lights

Lot 215  Sundry Collectable Items

Lot 216  Vintage Rega Sprayer backpack, Billys, Old Baking tins

Lot 217  Cream Separator, Old Bread Bin & Tins

Lot 218  Shearers Stretcher

Lot 219  Old Pulleys and Insulators

Lot 220  Old Animal Traps, Collectable Scales, Old Fuel Nozzle

Lot 221  Qty Drums of Oil, Grease & Pumps

Lot 222  Qty Chemicals & Poisons

Lot 223  Qty Collectable Items & sundries

Lot 224  Qty new Stump Caps, Qty Oval Cattle Rail Joiners and various sundries

Lot 225  Qty of Poly Fitting & other PVC fitting + 2 Trolly’s

Lot 226  Black Auger Hopper

Lot 227  Red Tool Box (Faber Brand)

Lot 228  Qty of Jerry Cans

Lot 229  Powerlite Generator 2.7kw, Vanguard 6hp motor

Lot 230  Endless Chain

Lot 231  Bottle Jack & Jumper Leads

Lot 232  2 x Large Wedges

Lot 233  60w Led Light Bar, 2 x Fyrlyt Spotlights 150watt

Lot 234  2 x Vices

Lot 235  Fanmaster, Cooling Heating Ventilation System, 240v, Model IDH2-20

Lot 236  Homelight 8800 Chain Saw

Lot 237  Steel Trestles x 2, Allow plank x 1

Lot 238  Speedrite Ultra Powered unit, Gallagher M1200 Unit, Gallagher High Power Bev3 Unit

Lot 239  2 x Speedrite Electric Fence Units

Lot 240  EZ-Gude 250 Light Bar Guidance System (goes)

Lot 241  Bos Bag Dust Applicator, part bag of Buffalo fly powder

Lot 242  Stock Still

Lot 243 Burdizzo’s and Dehorners

Lot 244 Qty of Cattle Branding Gear in Large Grey Plastic Box

Lot 245  Branding Irons

Lot 246  Branding Furnace with regulator

Lot 247  Qty of Beachport liquid Mineral Supplements – (not full)

Lot 248  Cow Lifting Harness

Lot 249  Oversized Sign & Light

Lot 250  Chain style Buffalo Fly Applicator

Lot 251 Rope style Buffalo Fly Applicator + Supplements

Lot 252  Cow Prod, Nlis Tag Reader & Cattle handling gear

Lot 253  Calf Puller

Lot 254  Qty Hose fittings, Sundry items

Lot 255  Qty Seed Sieves, Qty old timber boxes

Lot 256  Old push Mower and Trolly, Qty old Cans,

Lot 257  Old Sand Stone Wheel, Old Corn Cracker, Old Vacuum

Lot 258  Grease Gun, Animal Trap

Lot 259  Dunlite Battery Charger

Lot 260  Compak Battery Charger

Lot 261  Ruddweigh 700 Livestock Weighing Indicator,

Lot 262  Hydraulic Press

Lot 263  Homemade Band Saw

Lot 264  Electric Cement Mixer with Stand

Lot 265  Old 22gallon Drum

Lot 266  1hp Electric Motor + Single Head Pump on Frame

Lot 267  Grain Bin on Forks

Lot 268  Thomas Grain Roller Mill 6”, PTO drive or Kubota Diesel drive

Lot 269 Davey Fire Fighter Pump, 6.5hp Honda motor with new carby

Lot 270  4” Transfer Flood Pump, Diesel engine on stand (NOT GOING)

Lot 271  C Dax 12v Slug Master

Lot 272  C Dax Spray Rider, 80litre tank with pump

Lot 273  Qty Butchers tools in box, Qty of Detergent

Lot 274  Air Compressor, petrol, 5hp Honda Motor, goes

Lot 275  GCM Electric Air Compressor, goes

Lot 276  Seris Chemical Mixing Hopper, 60lts

Lot 277  Sieger Slicing and Mince Meat Saw 10”, Mod RDQ250

Lot 278  Qty Paint

Lot 279  Antique Crop Lifters

Lot 280  Steel top Bench

Lot 281 Large Qty of Roofing Iron, approx. 80 sheets

Lot 282  Fuel Pumps x 3

Lot 283 Qty Fuel Pumps & nozzles

Lot 284  Timber Top Work Bench

Lot 285  Steel Cable

Lot 286  2 Pieces Mild Steel Chain

Lot 287  Herc Alloy Snigging Chain

Lot 288  732 Herc Alloy 2 hooks chain, approx. 15’

Lot 289  Hi Tensile Lifting Chain

Lot 290  2 x Herc Alloy Chain, hooks each end

Lot 291  3 legged Herc Alloy lifting chain

Lot 292  Lifting Chain, hooks each end

Lot 293  Qty mild Steel Chain

Lot 294  Qty of Mixed Grass seed & 5 bags of Canary Seed in shuttle

Lot 295  Adult stock Saddle with Cloth, Bridle, Spurs,

Lot 296  Childs Saddle with cloth and sundries

Lot 297 Qty of Power Farming & other magazines

Lot 298  Kinchrome Rachet Ring Spanners

Lot 299  Qty of Spanners

Lot 300  Qty of Ring Spanners

Lot 301  Qty of Ring Spanners & Open end Spanners

Lot 302  2 large Ring Spanners

Lot 303  Kinchrome 3-in-1 Ratchet handle, ½” Drive

Lot 304  Qty Shifters

Lot 305  1” Breaker Bar, 46mm socket

Lot 306  Small Hand Sheet Folder

Lot 307  Qty Chain Binders, Hammers, 1 level

Lot 308  Mixture of tools in box

Lot 309  2 Steel Boxes with Pulling Kits

Lot 310  Qty Nuts & Bolts

Lot 311 Set of Field Harrows

Lot 312  Sundry Tyres, 3 with rims (suit Suzuki vehicle)

Lot 313  Qty of Tyres

Lot 314  4 x Split Rims and Tyres (Suit Toyota)

Lot 315  4 x Tyres

Lot 316  5 x Truck Tyres

Lot 317  5 x Tyres + Split Rim (some suit Toyota)

Lot 318  3 x Tyres (2 suit Ford 600, 1 suit JD)

Lot 319  1 x Tyre 7.00-20 and rim (Suit Bedford)

Lot 320  1 x Tyre 8.25-20 and rim (Suit AB160 Inter)

Lot 321  2 x Tyre 18.4.30

Lot 322  3 x Tyres, 1 rim, (2 suit AFM Scari chisel)

Lot 323  2 pallets of Dunlop 7.50 x 230 x 15 (Airplane tyres) suit Roller

Lot 324  2 x Tractor Tyres 30.5L-32

Lot 325  3 x Large Tyres

Lot 326  3 x Drums of mature Diesel – suit spray & poison use

Lot 327  2 x Tyres & Rims 23.1-26

Lot 328  4T Vertec Fertilizer Bin

Lot 329 5 Sets of Harrows and Bar

Lot 330  Grain Auger on wheels, 3ph Elect motor, approx. 4.6m long, for under silo use

Lot 331  Balco Grain Belt Auger, Model 1314LP, for under silo use

Lot 332  Wire Cable on Roll

Lot 333  2 x Tyres & Rims 7.60-15

Lot 334 2 x Truck Tyres & Rims, 9.00-20

Lot 335  2 x Front Tractor Tyres, 14L-16.1 SL

Lot 336  2 Adjustable Depth Wheels

Lot 337  Seris 60l Chemical induction Hopper

Lot 338  Grease drum and pump

Lot 339  Chemical Pourers x 2

Lot 340 Brand New Straw Chopper, for 850 Massy Ferguson Header or similar

Lot 341  3ph Stick Welder

Lot 342 Castor Wheels, Air Seeder heads, 2 x Control bodies

Lot 343  2 x Weevel Applicators, 240v

Lot 344  Hardi Tank on Stand

Lot 345 2 x Tyre Assembly & Control unit, Foam markers

Lot 346 Aerator controller

Lot 347 Fiberglass Tank

Lot 348 2 x Portable Grain Aerators

Lot 349  Measuring Wheel & Chemical Buckets

Lot 350  Pottinger 3PL Hay Rake, Mod Top342

Lot 351 Orthman Quick Hitch Unit

Lot 352  Selecta Add Blue Tank, 12v, nozzle

Lot 353  Janke Planter with press wheels, 3PL, good condition

Lot 354  Sliding Gate Assembly

Lot 355  Cattle Head bail Unit

Lot 356  Fire Fighter Pump 1 ½”, Honda G200 motor, 5hp, plus hose

Lot 357  Cam Attachment Fork Extensions model ZTE2-18, load rating 3750kg

Lot 358  Speedrite 3000, 12v Energizer Unit in protective poly drum with Solar Panel

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Aaron Landgren  0402 455 708

Andrew Fitzsimmons 0428 625 311